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Debian virus/spy-ware detection and detection technique.

Good day.

I have 3 questions on virus/spy-ware detection and detection technique.

1. Which software (may that is even packaged for Debian) is the best at
Your opinion and why for virus/spy-ware (the software that scans for
interesting data and sends it to some host) detection?

2. What's the technique of scanning for the malicious software? - As I
can understand it should be absolutely trustworthy and at the same time
- up-to-date (the bases it uses) - so, should I have a separate HDD for
  the goal that stands most the time separately (on a shelf), updating
  alone in computer, then again removed and being used only as a
  primary disk for scanning attached disks - as the secondary? Or there
  is more easy to perform way of accomplishing this?

3. Is it possible to scan for this very purposes (virus & spy-ware) the
distro CD/DVD -s - as it is from the media, without explicit manual
unpacking - to be sure the software is OK (in case when check sums are
not available OR it is impossible for some reasons to re-download the

Thank You for Your time.

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