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Re: Debian virus/spy-ware detection and detection technique.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Andrei:

> > question: I have s live/installable-CD/DVD. I use its normal/rescue
> > mode - I do somethings w/ my OS on HDD in order to make it working.
> > I had no ability to check its checksum, so, is there a way I can be
> > sure that the software I used is "clean"?  
> Why can't you check the checksum?

For two reasons:

1. I do not know how to get image from a cd/dvd - I believe by simple
dd-ing it will not work w/ checksum, but some more options should be

2. not for all cd/dvd-s I know checksums or places where I can obtain
it - it is for a bit older Debian and Ubuntu. - For I have noticed that
on their sites the chcksums are gone as soon as new images are uploaded
to the sites. Or there is a archive for the checksums?

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