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Re: help needed in installing 3G+ usb modem

On 15/07/10 20:09, Bernard wrote:
Hi to Everyone,

I have already tried a lot of things to get this to work on my laptop
running Ubuntu 8.04. I also carried tests on my desktop on Debian Lenny,
with no results in either system.

My USB modem is a ZTE (Huwei abcd).

It would probably help if you said what the actual model is. Mine is a ZTE/Huwei MF627, which has worked without problem or configuration on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 and 9.10.

My first approach to hardware issues is generally to find an operating system where it does work. Windows, unfortunately, is of no use, but a recent Ubuntu Live or Knoppix is usually worth a try. There has been a lot of recent work in the 3G modem area now that they are fairly affordable.

I did get this model working on a previous OS, either sid or an earlier Ubuntu, I'm not sure which, but before usb_modeswitch was easily available. I found it along with a lot of useful 3G modem information on Liam Green-Hughes' site:



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