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Re: installing a second hard disk?

Charles Kroeger wrote:
My question was since this backup is on an ext3 formatted USB stick, if my hard
drive was reformatted with ext4, could the backup [image] on the USB stick be
'copied' back to the new ext4 partition, without problems, as it were.

If that software is filesystem agnostic, it will obviously require you to wipe out the ext4 filesystem to copy the saved ext3 filesystem back. As we said already, you can then upgrade the ext3 filesystem to ext4.

Alternatively, you can find a way to mount the image with a loop device in order to copy the files from the saved filesystem to the new ext4 filesystem. Since you're using proprietary software, I must note that you might have a hard time with this alternative solution.

You should get better help from that software developer.


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