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Re: installing a second hard disk?

On 10/07/10 22:28, Charles Kroeger wrote:
I'm sorry I really don't understand, please define what you mean by
"installing" the image.

Like I have an image of the data in a partition recorded on removable media.

The source of this data [hard drive] and the removable media containing the copy
[image] of this data both reside on an ext3 file system.

My question is if the hard drive is reformatted with the ext4 file system and I
re-install that 'image' [ext3 file system] will the data be corrupted?


You are using the word "Install" in an ambiguous way. Also the "removable media" can't reside "on" an ext3 system - more an ext3 filesystem resides on the removeable media (maybe). This filesystem then will be (potentially) mounted into the overall filesystem.

Are you saying you took a copy of the partition using something like dd if=/dev/sdXy of=/mnt/removeable-media/a-file-on this-media or did you just copy the files?

If you now have this file, you don't "install" it to recover it. You either copy it back using dd

dd if=/mnt/removeable-media/a-file-on-this-media of=/dev/sdXy

Or you could mount the file as a loopback device

mount -o loop /mnt/removeable-media/a-file-on-this-media /a-new-mnt-point/

and copy the files from there

Alan Chandler

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