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Re: Misleading Debian's installer choice

On 30/06/10 09:29, Merciadri Luca wrote:

I find this perfect, but it should be coupled with the impossibility of
putting on two partitions the same stuff, i.e. putting /var on two
partitions, for example.

You are still talking backwards

You put the partition (/dev/sdXY) on /var not the other way round. You DON'T put /var on /dev/sdXY

If you imagine there is a conceptual drawing of the tree starting at / and including all the major mount points - with the non standard mount points being creatable manually, and somewhere below a list of unallocated partitions.

Then you could drag any partition (from the unallocated list or from another mount point) and drop it on mount point you wanted. If that mount point already had a partition at that point it would warn you, and if you said continue would move the old partition back into the unallocated list. If you said don't continue it would leave the old one where it was and the new one would return from whence it came.

Alan Chandler

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