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Re: Misleading Debian's installer choice

Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Ma, 29 iun 10, 17:15:38, Joey Hess wrote:
>> The mental model that most non-beginners should have is that the system's
>> root is / , which is where some system disk is mounted, and that additional
>> disks are mounted to other mount points in the tree. The disk mounted at /
>> is not a special case in not containing everything under /  -- the disk
>> mounted on /home does not necessarily contain everything under /home either.
>> (I may have another (larger) disk mounted on /home/joey.)
> I just had a vision of the mount point selection displayed as a tree, 
> where one can see and move the partitions between the mount points (mc's 
> tree view comes to mind). The tree should be easily expandable and 
> collapsible, to be able to access mount points for advanced setups (like 
> /var/spool). Forbidden mount points (/etc, /sbin, ...) should be hidden 
> though.
> Let's see if I can draw something that makes sense:
> /       - /dev/sda1 (9,2 GiB)
> /boot
> /home   - /dev/sda2 (19 GiB)
>   |- big   - /dev/sda4 (103 GB)
> /tmp
> /usr
> /var    - /dev/sda3 (9,2 GB)
>   |- spool
>   |- log
> Would something like this make sense for the installer?
I find this perfect, but it should be coupled with the impossibility of
putting on two partitions the same stuff, i.e. putting /var on two
partitions, for example.

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