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Re: Understanding my recurrent network connectivity problems

On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 09:11:11AM +0200, Merciadri Luca wrote:
> >   
> According to my pings (see last messages), the router looks like
> overwhelmed, and is thus completely crappy. I don't know why it happens
> now. I am still wondering why.

To figure this out, it's a good idea to simplify things first:

* use static IPs on all the computers connected to the LAN and turn
off the DHCP server in the router if possible

* connect the switch to the router as the only device connected to the
router and plug all the computers into the switch instead

After these steps, see if the problem persists. If it persists:

* unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the modem, set
up your computer for making the connection to your ISP

* plug the switch into a second network card in your computer, the
other computers connected to the switch

* set up a firewall on your computer, using, for example, shorewall,
and configure it so that your computer basically replaces the router

* set up a name server on your computer to operate as a name server
for all the computers on your LAN

See if the problem persists. If it does, replace the modem. Installing
squid on your computer and configuring shorewall so that your computer
acts as a transparent proxy for all the computers on your LAN is a
good idea. You might want to go further and set up your computer to
provide email services to the computers on your LAN. Setups with
dyndns --- if you can't get a static IP --- work reasonably well to
receive your email directly. That frees you a great deal from the
usually ridiculous limits email service providers impose on their
users and greatly speeds up and easyfies things for the users on the

DHCP with these routers usually sucks, as well as the nameservers
built into them do.

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