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Re: Lockups in Xorg with Radeon HD 3450 and different drivers

On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:06:43 -0400, Nick Lidakis wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 10:25:34PM +0000, Camaleón wrote:
>> Then your best bet is reporting the problem at BTS.
> Bug tracking system? Debian's or Xorg's? 

Better, Debian's. Debian devels can be in touch with Xorg's ones.

> Out fo curiosity, I tried an
> Ubuntu live disc (10.04) with the Radeon 3450 installed. The machien
> locks up as well.

Wow... that could be pointing to "xorg" server or just a faulty card :-?
> Also, I dug out an old Saphire 256MB X1300 card that I had in a junk
> box. All is well: 2d, 3d, s2ram. No lockups using 3d xscreensaver, like
> I had with the Dell X1300. Ubuntu live works great. So, maybe the Dell
> cards really do funny things.

I don't think (well, I "hope" not) Dell's cards are tweaked in an 
insanely manner :-), but the card itself can have some hardware problem.
>> > Anybody have any ideas why I'm having so much trouble just getting 2D
>> > working?
>> Because "Xorg" is getting updates and changes very quickly.
> I figured, these days, getting to a 2d desktop with a 2 year old video
> card would not cause a machine to lock hard. Although,I am on unstable.
> You pays your money and you takes your chances...

I think today's linux users are experiencing many difficulties with our 
graphics cards but than can be seen as a good signal: Xorg is evolving 
and adding many features (device hot plugging, HDMI interfaces with 
sound, ATI -radeon- and nVidia -nouveu- updated drivers with more 3D 
capabilities, KMS, driver fallback...). 

Well, I agree, there is a prize to pay for getting all that stuff 
working: things tend to broke more often than used to do years ago.

> Thanks for the suggestions.

You're welcome. I hope you finally can solve this issue :-)



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