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Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. put forth on 6/14/2010 10:45 AM:
> On Monday 14 June 2010 03:11:56 Gerald C.Catling wrote:
>> Hi Guy's,
>> I am not a Debian user but I have seen references to LVM here.
>> I have 3 drives LVM'd to give me 1.3TB of storage space on my server.
>> The first drive of this set has died.
> Mostly, when one of your physical volumes is irrecoverably lost, so is any 
> logical volume whose logical extents corresponded to one of the lost physical 
> extents.

This is why one should only use LVM on top of real hardware or software RAID
or a big SAN LUN.  Using LVM for what most in the IT world have typically
called "disk spanning", which has been around for over 2 decades, is a recipe
for trouble in the absence of a good backup/recovery procedure, as the OP has
unfortunately discovered.

If the OP truly needs 1.3 TB of usable space, I'd highly recommend acquiring
two of these:

and mirroring them with mdadm.  There are many guides available for
accomplishing this.  If 500GB is really all that's needed, one can accomplish
the same goals for half the cost with the 500GB WD Blue from the same etailer


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