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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

On Sun,23.May.10, 14:53:04, Celejar wrote:
> > Both are excelent examples :) But even if you disagree with the 
> > maintainer, in the end Debian is a do-ocracy.  That is, the one who does 
> > the job usually gets to decide how it's done ;)
> Of course.  I was just suggesting that a more precise and consistent
> definition of 'recommends' would be helpful.

IMHO, I doubt it would help. There will always be cases where it is very 
difficult to draw the line between Depends: vs Recommends: (see the not 
very long ago flames about making xorg depend on hal) and also 
Recommends: vs Suggests:

An interesting proposal a while ago was to be able to add some more 
information to Suggests:, something like:

Package: acpi-support
Suggests: radeontool (backlight control for ATI Radeon based laptops)

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