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Re: Is there a workaround for bug #578937

On 18/05/10 00:53, Ron Johnson wrote:
(Let's keep this on-list!!!)

Apologies - that was meant to go back to the list

On 05/17/2010 05:05 PM, Alan Chandler wrote:
On 17/05/10 21:11, Ron Johnson wrote:

We use courier-imap and have courier-base 0.64.2-1 installed but don't
seem to have that problem. What's a reproducer?

I am not sure what you mean by this - but I am using Thunderbird on
Linux and have used Outlook on Windows 7, and my wife uses Thunderbird
on Windows XP, and they all throw up this error.

Step by step, how do I reproduce this error?

I don't know precisely. I have had, for a long time, a home server running various versions of Debian - for at least the last 6 months it has been running Squeeze. I have Exim4 delivering mail to Maildirs in my (two - private and business e-mail addresses) accounts and my wife's (one) account. A .forward filter in my account delivers the mail to various "subdirectories" of the main inbox.

I have courier-imap (both the plain and ssl versions) sitting there ready to take imap requests for this mail.

On my Desktop - also running Debian Squeeze - I have (also for a reasonably long time) Icedove (aka Thunderbird) trying to collect mail from my two accounts from both an inbox and quite a few subdirectories.

Over the past couple of weeks, as soon as I start Icedove it puts up a dialog alert box with this message in it. It repeats it three or four times and then stops (I am guessing it is something to do with the number of subdirectories that I have asked it to check automatically for new mail).

It seems to repeat it when I first select a subdirectory to read mail if it isn't one which it should check automatically. If I leave it and select it a second time no further message appears to be generated.

On one of my Laptops - running Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook, I connect to my business account, and Outlook pops up a dialog box saying the server wishes to inform me of ... I can't say how long since its 3 or 4 months since I last used it.

My wife runs Thunderbird on a Windows XP PC. She experiences the same as me
Alan Chandler

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