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Re: Linux Zimbra front ends - was Re: Kde 3.5 ... (Maybe OT)

On Thu,06.May.10, 22:36:43, John A. Sullivan III wrote:
> For a web client, it is outstanding, but it still has serious
> limitations to be an Outlook replacement and we are looking to replace
> many thousands of Outlook installations with this project.  We need to
> offer them a near replacement.  A web client is too slow and awkward for
> the heavy use we are seeing.  Thanks, though - John
> PS - I hope you don't mind the change of subject but I didn't want to
> hijack the thread - John


If at all possible it would be very nice to have at least a blog post 
about this migration as I'm guessing Outlook + Exchange is still a show 
stopper for many corporates to switching to FLOSS.

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