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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 19:19, Patricia Fraser <trish@thefrasers.org> wrote:

> The thing I miss most in KDE4 is: pausing the cursor over a music
> file in Konq

File previews, good point!

Either I am too stupid or both dolphin and konqui stopped showing
previews of picture files instead of the generic "image" icon.

Also, dolphin cycles between address bar and weird-apple-esque
click-bars. Every other application either marks everything
(iceweasel) so I can just overwrite stuff or gives me an empty
address bar (konqui) like it should.
Now that konqui is useable as a file manager again, this is not
very much of an issue any more, though. Totally ignoring the fact
that dolphin exists has become easier except:

Isn't there an easy & intiutive way to see all removable media in
konqui? ATM, I always need to start dolphin to select my thumb
drives, etc.

Dotan: Should I file those wishlist items or do you want to do it?
Both is fine by me.

All: Sorry for hijacking this thread for not-strictly-Debian issues,
but this is the best "Let's make KDE 4 as good as KDE 3"
brain-storming session in ages. This "we like it, but it has
issues" discussion style is really refreshing and helps me to
put general thoughts into specific, concrete ideas & concepts.

Again, thanks to everyone working on this,

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