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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

>> Please, let me know what KDE 4 is missing for you. KDE 4.4 has only a
>> handful of regressions from KDE 3.5.10, and they are not dealbreakers.
>> Some of those are addressed in KDE 4.5.
> I'm tired of typing this time and again:
> No speaker beep in Konsole--dev says, "Too bad."

That might be fixed already:

> Device Notifier is a poor design and not easily changed to simply allow
> mounting so removable medium rather than starting Dolphin each time.

Do you mean unmounting? If so, then please comment on this bug:

> No right click on the desktop to bring up the menu.

There is now! If it does not work for you as expected in KDE 4,4 then
please be very specific about what happened, and what you expected to
happen. Thanks.

> Other things that just don't seem inuitive *for me* that were in KDE
> 3.5.

This is what I'd like to know! It is very subjective, but KDE 3 was
very intuitive in some aspects. Tell me what is not intuitive in KDE
4.4 and I will file the bugs. Thanks, this is an important one! I
agree that many things are _not_ intuitive.

> These are small things to be sure and likely of little interest to
> anyone else.  To me they are the little things that make 3.5 a pleasure
> to use and 4.x an impediment to my produtivity.

No, I agree. Excellence is in the little details. KDE 3 was excellent.
We need eyes like your to make KDE 4 excellent as well.

>> The "KDE 4 sux" time has passed. If you still have problems with KDE
>> 4, then please let me know what they are so that they can be fixed.
> The time for "I tried it for 15 minutes and KDE4 sux" comments has long
> passed, yes.  I've given it a fair shake, I feel, I've tried asking
> politely for the things I liked about 3.5 to restored in 4.x only to be
> brushed aside by KDE devs.  So *for me* KDE4 is not my vision of an
> ideal desktop environment.  YMMV and I wish the KDE4 team and its users
> all the best.  I may check in again some day and see how things are
> going.  This is Free Software after all where one may come and go as one
> pleases.

Of course, and if you are filing bugs then that is appreciated.

> If nothing else, KDE4 has given me the benefit of giving the other DEs a
> fair evaluation, something I'd not done when I was happy with KDE 3.4 and
> 3.5.

You might want to take a look at Gnome Shell, which will become Gnome
3 in half a year. Some nice ideas there.

Dotan Cohen


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