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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

>> Maybe use dummy packages, or rename the packages so that KDE 3.5 could
>> remain installed, and not be forced to upgrade to Kde4.
> That ship has sailed and it isn't coming back.  KDE 3.5 is considered
> dead.  Why some motivated person has not forked it yet has escaped me.

Not exactly forked, but maintained:

>  Still, either pales in
> comparison to the KDE 3.5 as does KDE4

Please, let me know what KDE 4 is missing for you. KDE 4.4 has only a
handful of regressions from KDE 3.5.10, and they are not dealbreakers.
Some of those are addressed in KDE 4.5.

The "KDE 4 sux" time has passed. If you still have problems with KDE
4, then please let me know what they are so that they can be fixed.


Dotan Cohen


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