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How to schedule for a repeated task?

If issuing the commands manually produces the desired output, you
could try autoexpect¹ and edit the output of running an autoexpect
session to your liking. There is a manual page too².

Thank you very much for your help . This is very near to what I really want to do . I tried as the followings :
#autoexpect -c

It has produced an script named 'script.exp' . When I run this script , I see automatic telnet to the VxWorks remote node and then issuing the desired command but to exit I need to press Ctrl-C . Then I tried to automate it like the following :

#for i in 1 2 3 4 5
>sleep 10
It is quite ok , except for the need that I must press Ctrl-C at the end of every run . Can you please let me know how to remove that un-necessary hitting of Ctrl-C ?

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