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Re: How to schedule for a repeated task?

It doesn't matter what the remote system is, as long as it has telnet, which I'm assuming it does, since that's what you originally asked about.  To be able to help, we would need to know the output you are getting when you run it, and probably the contents of the expect script that you are using (edit out any passwords).

Please find below my simple expect telnet script :
>set name
>spawn telnet $name
>set cmd1 command1
>set cmd2 logout
>send "$cmd1"
>send "$cmd2"
When I try for this procedure , I just see loging in and loging out from the telnet session . Actually , I need to have the output result of issuing 'command1' on the remote node to be captured on my local host . But when I try manually , say telnet to it and issue the command , I see the output on my screen . Please help me how to modify my simple code to have the desired result?
Thank you

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