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Re: who initiates mounting in debian?

On Tue, 04 May 2010 21:46:56 +0200, Jonas Stein wrote:

> it looks if some devices are mounted automatic (after plugging into USB
> slot)
> and some wait until i click on the device name in dolphin/thunar or
> similar.
> I dont understand who mounts when...
> I suppose some of the "magic" is done by udev, automounter and KDE and
> so on.

Yes, in stable, it's a mix between hal/udev and desktop environment mount 
> I am looking for a set of rules which software is allowed to do mounts
> and in which hierachy.
> Is there a kind of debian policy about mounting?

I suppose Debian follows FHS ("/media" for removable devices and "/mnt" for 
temporarily mount points) :-?
> On a debian stable PC i users are not allowed to umount their usb stick,
> if its mounted in KDE. But it works on console.

On GNOME yes, users can mount/umount their own usb devices via Nautilus.

> On a debian testing PC i'd like to have some automatic action after
> inserting my GPS device in the USB slot. First it should be mounted
> somewhere 

It should be automatically mounted anywhere under "/media" as AKAIK, that 
is the default action for removable storage.

> and second the latest trackfiles should be moved to /foo

You will need a bit of scripting to achieve this.
> Is it a good way to use a udev rule for that? 

There must be some pre-made applications to get that but you can also try 
to get it done with udev rules. A quick example, courtesy of Google:


> Should i use /media to mount the USB device, or is /media reserved for 
> the system?

You can use /media, and as Boyd already suggested, give the device a 
label to get a static name so it always get mounted under the 
same path, i.e., "/media/mygps".



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