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Re: curious gnome desktop behaviour after upgrade

On Wed, 05 May 2010 09:00:17 +0100, John O Laoi wrote:

> When I open a console on the GUI and minimize it, it appears to go to
> the bottom right corner, and then disappears completely. Then the Panel
> on the top panel no longer functions. Icons on the desktop continue to
> function.
> If I open another app, all of the buttons on the top panel disappear,
> except for the volume button.
> Then the bottom panel becomes completely bank.
> Any ideas what has happened?

It seems something was messed-up. GNOME updates do not always go smoothly.

- First try: run "killall gnome-panel".

- Second thing to check: create a new panel and see if behaves correctly 
when you minimize the applications.

- Thrird try: create a new user and login with it.



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