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who initiates mounting in debian?


it looks if some devices are mounted automatic (after plugging into USB
and some wait until i click on the device name in dolphin/thunar or

I dont understand who mounts when... 
I suppose some of the "magic" is done by udev, automounter and KDE and so on.

I am looking for a set of rules which software is allowed to do mounts
and in which hierachy.
Is there a kind of debian policy about mounting? 


On a debian stable PC i users are not allowed to umount their usb stick,
if its mounted in KDE. But it works on console.


On a debian testing PC i'd like to have some automatic action after
inserting my GPS device in the USB slot.
First it should be mounted somewhere and second the latest trackfiles
should be moved to /foo

Is it a good way to use a udev rule for that?
Should i use /media to mount the USB device, or is /media reserved for
the system?

Kind regards,

Jonas Stein <news@jonasstein.de>

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