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Re: adding 192.x with static IP

On 04/05/10 16:17, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 05/04/2010 09:11 AM, Joe wrote:

Is there a way I can setup devices such as this without needing to run

Not initially. What you do is to set a workstation to accept DHCP,
connect it to the router, then use the web interface to disable DHCP and
set the fixed IP address you want the router to use.

Or just, within /etc/network/interfaces, give yourself the static

Indeed so, in this case. In the general case, it might be quicker to enable DHCP than to find out what network the router resets to. Usually 192.168.0. or 192.168.1., but not always.

In the days before Internet dongles, the only Net connection available was usually the one on the other side of an apparently non-functional router, and the customer had no idea where the book/CD was.

And to be honest, I normally run XP on my laptop, and it's just ticking or unticking a box. Windows has moved on, no reboot necessary... I can remember needing the installation CD to change IP addresses on 95/98.

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