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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

> My card is listed at 
> http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Wireless_Network_Adapters#IBM_High_Rate_Wireless_LAN_PC_Card,
> at the very bottom of the page:
> IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card
> Chipset: Hermes I
> Drivers: orinoco_cs
> Supported wireless modes: 802.11b
> I pulled the thing out of the machine, and discovered, something that
> I had not seen anywhere else, printed on the underside what may well
> be a clue: "Encryption: WEP64"

Cannot say I had an experience with orinoco. It was
old kind of chip. I think that support for orinoco
was abandoned for bsd year or so ago. And no wpa2, for
sure. Any chance you could put some newer card in
My stand of view would be the same as I did for my lap-
top: the card that is supported well. On freebsd I
invested and put atheros in pcmcia slot. Not the answer
that would make you happy, but probably the best in
the situation.
Best regards


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