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Re: adding 192.x with static IP

On 04/05/10 03:11, Zachary Uram wrote:
I have a static IP setup, I wish to add a router and it has a web
interface, I can get to it if I start a DHCP server and then is setup, but I'd really prefer to not do this.

There's no way around this with a new router, and sometimes you will need to reset it to factory conditions, when you will be back in this state.

Is there a way I can setup devices such as this without needing to run

Not initially. What you do is to set a workstation to accept DHCP, connect it to the router, then use the web interface to disable DHCP and set the fixed IP address you want the router to use. Usually you will need to reboot the router after this, and then of course your workstation will not see it. Restore the workstation to its normal address, and all should be well. The router will keep these settings after reboots, until you need to use the factory default reset.

Make sure you change the router admin password from the default, and check whether the router is configured to accept administration from the Net, and disable that if it is. I don't think any router manufacturer is now daft enough to enable admin from the Internet by default, but it has happened in the past. Also disable uPnP (plug and play) if it is enabled, unless of course you really need it for online games.


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