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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

On 03/05/10, Zoran Kolic (zkolic@sbb.rs) wrote:

| > | When I try to connect, wicd says that it is 'Putting interface up...', 'Validating authentication...', 'Obtaining IP address...' then it times out and says 'Connection failed: Unable to Get IP Address.'
| > 
| > I have no clue what causes the problem, but I have found a clumsy
| > workaround by trial and error: when I reset the router (Linksys
| > WRT54GL) either to WPA from WPA2, or back the other way, wic manages
| > to connect the next try. It doesn't seem to matter whether wic is
| > looking for a password or a pre-shared key, so long as the the
| > protocol is TKIP.  Next time, I have to reset the router back the
| > other way. No further change required -- until the next time, when the
| > router needs to be reset _again_!.
| I have the same router. The very first thing was to
| set it to "g only".

That won't work for me, since one of the laptops has only b, the other
 g. See below.

| ... Would be fine to know some
| details about the hardware. Wifi chip at least.

My card is listed at 
at the very bottom of the page:

IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card
Chipset: Hermes I
Drivers: orinoco_cs
Supported wireless modes: 802.11b

I pulled the thing out of the machine, and discovered, something that
I had not seen anywhere else, printed on the underside what may well
be a clue: "Encryption: WEP64"

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