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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

On 04/05/10, Zoran Kolic (zkolic@sbb.rs) wrote:

| > ...
| > IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card
| > Chipset: Hermes I
| > Drivers: orinoco_cs

| Woops!
| Cannot say I had an experience with orinoco. It was
| old kind of chip. I think that support for orinoco
| was abandoned for bsd year or so ago. And no wpa2, for
| sure.

The curious thing, or one of them, is that I do get a connection
whether the router is set to WPA or WPA@ -- the first time it is set
that way.

| Any chance you could put some newer card in
| place?

Possibly, but so long as it and the 600X ThinkPad it is in run, I'm
not inclined to spend the money.

Thanks for responding. 

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