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Re: Password messed up

On 2010-05-04, Don <dulist@noark.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem (actually more than one, but let's tackle this one 
> first) with my password on KDE log in screen no being accepted.  The 
> password does work OK when logging in using command line / terminal.

A similar thing happened to me in Gnome after a session of Bzflag.

What occurred was that I inadvertently pressed a combination of keys
while playing which turned on "Allow to control pointer using the
keyboard," resulting in the inability to type numbers with the numeric
keypad.  Of course, I couldn't see anything untoward at the gdm login
given the fact that the password is obfuscated by asterisks and it was
registering my key presses as asterisks. Needless to say, my password
contains a few numbers.

It took me a while to this figure out. I turned off the guilty "feature"
via the gnome system menu (System/Preferences/Keyboard) and all was well
again.  If I had been a complete newbie, I think I would've been stumped
for days and maybe even for eternity.

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