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(OT) alpine stopped authenticating SSL/TLS certificate


Two weeks ago my mail client (alpine) stopped authenticating my email provider's certificate. (Provider is FastMail.fm.)

I tried several things (details below) without success.
I can't even tell if the problem is on my or server's end.
I tried to get help at the provider's forum's to no avail.

** Please help in anaylzing this situation **

Here are the details.

+ The failure message
  "There was a failure validating the \
   SSL/TLS certificate for the server
   The reason for the failure was
       unable to get local issuer certificate"

+ I use alpine both at home and work.  Failure occurs only at work.
  But work machine was OK until 2 weeks ago.

+ Both machines run gnu-linux debian stable (lenny), using the
  latest version of alpine (1.10+dfsg-3).

+ After the problems started at work I noted that there is a
  mismatch between the versions of libkrb53 on home and work
  machines.  (Alpine depends on libkrb53.)  Specifically, work
  machine was fully updated, while home machine had a pending
  security update.
  (At the moment I refrain from doing the update on home machine
  -- don't want to lose working setup without further advice.)

+ running
      'strace alpine ... | grep cert'
  on home machine reveals that alpine uses
  which is symlinked to

+ On work machine (again using strace) alpine looks for
  which does not exist on my system.
  (On the other hand, the file accessed on home machine
  does exist on work machine, too.)

+ I thought that symlinking the file that works on home machine
  to what alpine is looking for
  would help.
  But it didn't :-((

+ I tried to extract the certificate directly from the
  client/server exchange, and use it as a symlink to what work
  machine is looking for.  Without success :-((
  The recipe I used was here:

+ Accessing the mail via web browser is OK (both work & home).

Thank you in advance,

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