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Re: fglrx driver in debian squeeze in limbo - any ideas?

Le 03/05/2010 11:43, Camaleón a écrit :
On Mon, 03 May 2010 01:48:02 -0400, Zachary Uram wrote:

This sucks. Stupid closed source drivers cause such problems. Any
workaround I can do?

I need to build the fglrx driver for debian squeeze (ati radeon hd 4550
card), but I just saw this bug
saying the packages have been removed from testing due to a conflict
with the x.org transition.

The packages referred to here: http://wiki.debian.org/ATIProprietary
such as "fglrx-control" and "fglrx-driver" are no longer available so
what should I do?

You mean these? :-?


I don't know when the x.org transition will be finished and I really
want 3D acceleration so I can play my games :(

So for now I must use the open source radeon driver which cannot do 3D

You can always download the driver from ATI site and compile yourself.


Hi, what exactly is broken ?
As a workaround you could use Sid packages if Squeeze's are in bad shape. I have two mostly Squeeze (amd64, kde with desktop "effects" enabled) machines running Sid's fglrx at the moment and they seem fine, glxinfo and fglrxinfo doesn't spit any error, xorg logs doesn't contain errors, and the few OpenGl stuff I just tried are working fine (namely "Torcs" and "xmoto").

Hope it helps.

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