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Re: Multiple Graphics cards and HDMI: How to?

deloptes wrote:
> KS wrote:
> could you also post the xorg log file?
> regards
Here it is: http://pastebin.com/ihVCH4Ek

I have been able to login to KDE after the upgrade. Somehow
plasma-desktop was uninstalled during the process :(

I was able to set the TV on the right of my monitor with proper
resolution. I haven't checked yet if this settings stay after I relogin
or not (should have been in bed half an hour ago). One thin which still
happens is that the KDE panel goes to the TV screen (HDMI signal). How
can I set it to stay on the LCD monitor?

One more quirk: even with the TV screen disabled, the mouse is able to
travel beyond the right edge of the LCD monitor display!


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