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Re: Multiple Graphics cards and HDMI: How to?

deloptes wrote:
> KS wrote:
> could you also post the xorg log file?
> regards

Oops, I should have included that earlier. But I have logged out after a
safe-upgrade and am unable to get anything but a black screen after
login (KDE session). The upgrade installed KDE 4.4 and because of that
I'm using Gnome.

When I logged in to Gnome it gave me a 1024x768 resolution (as KDE did
for both screens). I was able to configure the monitors and the settings
have persisted over Gnome sessions.

Not sure if I should copy the Xorg.0.log as KDE is crashing itself and
Gnome seems to be working fine. Let me see what happens with KDE and
will continue troubleshooting Xorg configuration after that.


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