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Re: debian on routerstation pro

Jozsi Vadkan:
> on a lenny/amd64bit pc, i give out the:
> # debootstrap lenny --arch=mips something/
> I: Retrieving Release
> E: unknown location something/dists/lenny/Release
> # 
> command. "something" is a mounted partition of an usb drive.

AFAICS, you need to pass the "suite" argument (lenny, squeeze, …) before
the target directory. This works for me:

# debootstrap --arch=mips lenny debian/

But you probably also want to add '--foreign' in order to run the second
stage on the target system.

> I just want to boot a Debian from an usb stick on a routerstation pro:
> https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=24378

Good luck and thanks for the link! I own an RS Pro as well and thought
about running Debian on it as well. I just have problems getting the
card reader and the USB port to work and wifi (802.11n a or g) doesn't
work yet, either, so I am currently fighting these issues.

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