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Boot / LVM best practices

I have a machine running Lenny with a 250GB IDE HD in it. The HD is on its last legs giving S.M.A.R.T. errors.

I have a question about how best to divide things up in the new setup. The current 250GB IDE HD has two partitions on it:

/dev/hda1 = linux (~80 MB)
/dev/hda2 = linux LVM (~249.92 GB)

I'm thinking to replace this IDE drive with two SATA HDs. One as small as I can get. Say 100GB or so and make that the boot drive. And a second HD say 500GB or so and moving the LVM over to that.

Would it be better to move the LVM to a larger SATA drive and migrate the boot drive on to a new small IDE HD? I've even thought to set it up to boot from a flash drive. Not sure that would be wise either.

My question is is this a 'wise' thing. If not, why not and what would be the better approach?



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