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RE: Debian Lenny + Grub2 + kernel message log capturing

> Sun, 11 Apr 2010 00:20:54 -0400
> Hello,
> I was hoping to get some feedback or tips on how to setup a PCI serial card (not onboard) for kernel message log capturing. I am using Debian Lenny x64 with the grub2 bootloader.
> This might sound like an easy question, but does the Linux kernel module have to be compiled with the running kernel in order to log messages at boot time? I mean obviously the driver is required to be loaded in Debian GNU/Linux when the serial/com device is used in conjunction with /dev/ttyD[01].

Mainly I am asking if one needs to build the mcs9865-serial.ko (kernel module) against the kernel source for the running kernel in order to log kernel message during boot time or does grub implement a generic driver to capture the kernel message?

The mcs9865 source code is here . It does not compile for me against the "2.6.32-4-xen-amd64" kernel from the Sid repositories.

I have installed both the appropriate linux-kernel and linux-headers package for the "2.6.32-4-xen-amd64" kernel.

Attached is also the output of the make command on the mcs9865 source code.

> I have found a website providing patches for the chip on the PCI serial card I am using at:

> http://izto.org/mcs9865/
> Does Debian not include drivers for serial cards in any packages or would these drivers be considered non-free?
> Thanks.


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