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Re: [OT] Ubuntu vs Debian forums (was recompiling the kernel with a different version name)

>> Stability issues and updates are the reasons that I switched _to_
>> Ubuntu! Before that it was the early Fedoras. I still think that my
>> favourite two Linux OSes were Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu Feisty.
>> Maybe I will give Squeeze a round before my next install. I've last
>> tested only Lenny.
> While I've enjoyed all the "fish" exchanges from this thread, how on earth
> have you found Ubuntu more stable than Lenny?  You cite "stability issues"
> and "updates" as reasons for using Ubuntu and then state you last tested
> Lenny, leading one to believe an Ubuntu->Lenny comparison is being made
> here.
> Maybe I'm totally off my gourd but that doesn't make sense at all.

No, for stability I pitted Ubuntu vs. Fedora. Yeah, no match here.

I pit Ubuntu vs. Lenny for features and time-to-working-system. Ubuntu
(generally) needs less manual configuration and has more up-to-date

Dotan Cohen


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