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Re: [OT] Ubuntu vs Debian forums (was recompiling the kernel with a different version name)

> What I don't understand is why Ubuntu users *post* here, when they
> actually run Ubuntu.

I run Ubuntu and regularly read the Debian list, so maybe I can answer.

If I need to know where is the menus Firefox is, or how to change my
wallpaper, the Ubuntu list is fine. But nobody there understands
_anything_ about the OS. That is fine, the target audience of Ubuntu
is not technical users. The barrier to entry is very low. My
74-year-old mother in law uses Kubuntu.

So if the Debian support is so great, why do I run Ubuntu and not
Debian? Several reasons. One, the low barrier to entry means that I
can get a system up and running in no time flat. Twice a year, 20
minutes and I've got the latest and greatest software versions. Debian
still needs tweaking for my problematic video card, and some other
really small details. But the biggest reason that I run Ubuntu is to
promote it. I have done tens of installs for friends, neighbours, and
family. I need to be familiar with what they are running. Debian just
needs a bit too much work, a bit too much handholding, and a bit too
much explaining things.

So while my heart is with Debian, I run the best Debian derivative out there.

Dotan Cohen


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