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Re: OT:Script idea/problem

On 2010-04-07 18:59, Thierry Chatelet wrote:
Here is my idea:
First, in my village, I 'convert' quiet a few people (about 15 boxes) to use Debian. They are rather happy about it, but I have a problem with update/

Stable or Testing/Unstable?

upgrade: they never know when they should do one. Most of them don't read English, so subscribing them to debian security mailing list would not help. And most of the time they would not know if the package(s) listed is/are in their box. But kmail (and certainly other mail client) can run some script according to the sender address. So, if we had a script that can read the subject of mail coming from debian security, -- they always have the same layout : [SECURITY] [DSA 2029-1] New <packagename> packages fix....--then

Realistically, the threat level that *desktop* Debian users are exposed to is pretty minimal.

compare the package incriminated with the packages installed in their box, and keep the mail if the package is present, otherwise trash it. I think they will be able to see it is a mail from security and that they have to update their machine. So, if someone could help me to put that script together it will be a big help. I have done a bit of programming so time ago in Turbo Pascal and in asme (old time....).

I'd just say, "Do it on a regular basis", where regular is "weekly".

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