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Re: squeeze d-i fails at grub install on raid1

On Fri, 2 Apr 2010 09:50:21 -0400 (EDT), Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
> (NB: please Cc: me on replies as I'm not subscribed here)
> This mail is to determine where to file a bug report. I'm not clear if
> it is an mdadm, mbr, grub, lilo or d-i issue or the interaction of
> those within d-i context.
> I attempted to use the squeeze d-i to install a system on a raid1 pair.
> The installation went fine up to the point of attempting to install a
> bootloader to the mbr(s). Grub failed, both grub2 and legacy. lilo also
> would not install.
> I was installing via netboot and had this failure with both the
> 2010-02-11 netboot.tar.gz release for amd64 as well as the 2010-03-30
> amd64 snapshot.
> I finally got a running squeeze on raid1 by using lenny's d-i to install
> lenny, then upgrading (following '/msg dpkg lenny->squeeze' instructions
> from #debian). This now works fully upgraded to grub2 and squeeze.
> I need to proceed with using that system right now so can't really spend
> time re-trying various installers on it. However, I will be building
> another very similar system in a week or 2 (pending a PSU RMA). At that
> time, I would like to know who to talk to in order to help with sorting
> out the issues if they are still present.


the next time you try a Squeeze install I would suggest using the latest
"daily build" development version of the Debian installer.  That is the
only thing I would trust at this point to do a direct install of Squeeze.
The fact that you were able to install Lenny and upgrade successfully
indicates that the problem is likely to be in the installer.

By the way, if you can somehow, by hook or by crook, get everything from
/lib/modules/... used by the Debian Installer copied to your production
system, that would be a good thing.  If you ever have to use the installer
as a rescue system, having matching kernel modules on the hard disk
makes things much easier in a rescue environment.  It is often difficult,
if not impossible, to do a chroot or pivot_root without those modules.
The last time I checked, the installer was using a 2.6.30 kernel, which is
no longer available in the Debian archive.  I hope that by the time that
Squeeze becomes the stable release the installer will be using the same
kernel version as Squeeze does.  Test doing a rescue with a chroot and make
sure it works before you mess with your boot loader.

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