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squeeze d-i fails at grub install on raid1

(NB: please Cc: me on replies as I'm not subscribed here)

This mail is to determine where to file a bug report. I'm not clear if
it is an mdadm, mbr, grub, lilo or d-i issue or the interaction of
those within d-i context.

I attempted to use the squeeze d-i to install a system on a raid1 pair.
The installation went fine up to the point of attempting to install a
bootloader to the mbr(s). Grub failed, both grub2 and legacy. lilo also
would not install.

I was installing via netboot and had this failure with both the
2010-02-11 netboot.tar.gz release for amd64 as well as the 2010-03-30
amd64 snapshot.

I finally got a running squeeze on raid1 by using lenny's d-i to install
lenny, then upgrading (following '/msg dpkg lenny->squeeze' instructions
from #debian). This now works fully upgraded to grub2 and squeeze.

I need to proceed with using that system right now so can't really spend
time re-trying various installers on it. However, I will be building
another very similar system in a week or 2 (pending a PSU RMA). At that
time, I would like to know who to talk to in order to help with sorting
out the issues if they are still present.

Eric Rz.

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