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Controlling displays on a multi head system

I have a question about controlling displays in a multi head system.
I have three monitors connected to my computer, and I want the 
console to display on one of these and the other two to be unadorned.
I am running the current Debian distribution, which on boot displays
a desktop on all three screens.

Q: How can I prevent adornment appearing on the 2nd and 3rd monitors?

I am implementing a new version of a program I wrote perhaps ten 
years ago, and ran it at that time under Mandrake Linux, which gave
me a cross hatch background on the secondary screens, allowing
my program to occupy the full screen real estate.  My current 
workaround is to use Fluxbox as a window manager, which has a
minimal presence on the monitor, but there must be a more direct
and complete solution to this problem.  I've done my best looking
through the gui boot sequence, but I see nothing obvious there,
and a lot in those files is more then I'm up to.

Many thanks for any help.

Frank Baker

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