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Re: Lenny in less than 2 GB of drive space?

On 2010-03-27 16:19, Rick Thomas wrote:

On Mar 26, 2010, at 2:06 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:

On 2010-03-26 12:45, Rick Thomas wrote:
I've got an NSLU2 ("slug") with 32 MB RAM and 8 MB of flash doing duty as an NTP server. It has a "Gizmo! jr" drive as it's only mass storage. Works a treat.

What's the package list?

I'm not sure what you mean by "package list". If you mean what packages are installed, I'm attaching a listing of "aptitude search '~i!~M' .


There are undoubtedly *lots* of packages I don't strictly need for a simple NTP server, but with 2GB of mass storage, I don't really care too much if I'm carrying around a bunch of stuff I'll never actually use. It's there incase I need it.


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