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Re: (OT) gnash vs. flash (was Re: Why does installing gnome ...)

> I highly suspect a flame-war here, but isn't against the
> "Stallmanian-principle" for a linux machines to play with those
> proprietary kids AT ALL. That is, debian (or any other linux) should
> not even consider talking with that kind of software. I'm just curious
> how many linux users/devs/etc maintain that position, given that I'm
> not one of those users.

Flame away. I use a Debian-derived distro because it is reliable and
stable. I personally do not care for the Libre cause, even though I
recognize it's importance. In fact, if Debian were closed source and
the most expensive OS available I would probably still be happily
paying for it and using it. The freedom and free cost are just icing
on the cake for me.

Therefore, I have no problem with proprietary Flash, even though I
understand the problems that it causes. I wish that more proprietary
software, such as Solidworks and MS Office, were available for Debian
or Linux in general.

Thanks for asking!

Dotan Cohen


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