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Re: (OT) gnash vs. flash (was Re: Why does installing gnome ...)

>>>> The rub is that Debian doesn't officially know that Flash exists. Even if
>>>> it
>>>> did, too many DDs are morally opposed to closed-source to want to Depend
>>>> on
>>>> it.
>>> I highly suspect a flame-war here, but isn't against the
>>> "Stallmanian-principle" for a linux machines to play with those
>>> proprietary kids AT ALL. That is, debian (or any other linux) should
>>> not even consider talking with that kind of software. I'm just curious
>>> how many linux users/devs/etc maintain that position, given that I'm
>>> not one of those users.
>> Enough DDs are sufficiently practical for there to be a non-free tree, and
>> Christian Marillat does yeoman's work with
>> http://www.debian-multimedia.org/.
> <no flames intended>
> Ok . . . that's fine, but I'm still curious about the number of
> debian-user@ folks who appreciate or abide by or whatever the
> "Stallman-point-o-view."
> P.S. --  . . . and if I'm lucky, why Stallman might not be relevant to
> the linux project.

The question is . . . is proprietary software compatible with the
linux philosophy? Does Dick Stallman's POV hold any weight? If not
(which it seems to be, given flash support), then what do we make of
the DD's Ron refers to?


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