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Re: Overwrite existing partition with zeros without hurting partition table? (Debian Lenny)

In <4B92A531.6090200@cox.net>, Ron Johnson wrote:
>On 2010-03-06 09:41, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> In <20100306015538.GP11387@wasteland.homelinux.net>, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>>> Mark:
>>>> I hope there is a simple answer to this question (fingers crossed): how
>>>> do I overwrite an existing partition (hda2 for example) with all zeros
>>>> (essentially blanking the partition clean in preparation for installing
>>>> Lenny), without destroying the partition table?
>>> Why do you think you need to blank the partition before installing
>>> lenny? There *are* reasons to do that, but they have nothing to do with
>>> the installation of a new OS.
>> (reiserfsck --rebuild-tree) has a nasty habit of necromancy.  In
>> particular, it might link files from the old file system into lost+found. 
>> It can also destroy the heck out of your file system if you happen to
>> store a reiserfs file system in a file.  (e.g. [reiserfs] ->
>> /home/bss/Sid.qemu -> [reiserfs]).
>Non sequiter?

Not really.

1. Old installation using one of more reiserfs file systems.
2. Install Lenny without wiping; use one or more reiserfs file systems.
3. Worst-case scenario file system failure.
4. (reiserfsck --rebuild-tree) -> Links files from the old file system into 
the new file system.

If you are going to put reiserfs on a block device, it is not overly cautious 
to erase the block device, to avoid (reiserfsck --rebuild-tree) from 
performing necromancy.
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