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Re: Two Lenny problems

Cecil Knutson writes:
> I have run fdisk for years on innumerable computers and never saw
> provision for the creation of more than one primary partition.  So I
> am speaking of experience with probably the only partitioner in common
> usage.  I have used and am familiar with Partition Magic, so I know
> there are other schemes available, but we were addressing the
> capabilities of the partitioners used in the Windows installation
> CD/DVD and the Lenny CD/DVDs.

I have been installing Debian with multiple primary partitions since

> Besides that, how would the partitions beyond 23 be addressed by any
> ... Linux machine, 

Partitions are numbered.

> ...especially if you have several USB drive ports and one or more
> CD/DVD drives?  And what system would anyone have that could handle
> more than 26 drives?  Wow! just think of having 63 1.5TB drives!

You confound partitions and drives.  A partition is a subdivision of a
John Hasler

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