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Re: Two Lenny problems

Just out of curiosity, where is "here".  In other words, where are you
physically located?  And what type of internet connectivity do you have?
async dial-up?  cable modem?  DSL?

"Here" is Vancouver, Washington with a DSL connection through a router/hub with Qwest. In PA I had FiOS with Verizon.

sure that you are still limited to a maximum of four partitions (four primary
or three primary and one extended).  But the extended partition can have
multiple logical drives, and you can install pieces of Linux in both primary
partitions and logical drives.

Yes, Windows only allows one primary partition, Debian Linux three (counting the Swap partition), any other partition has to be an extended, and it can be divided into no more logical partitions than the letters in the alphabet (minus the default A: and B: for the floppy drives). Windows 7 Ultimate will only create four partitions (one primary) and automatically creates a 100MB partition for "necessary" system files. In my instance, that 100MB partition was always D: with C: as the first. I finally resorted to a German version of Windows XP Multimedia Center 2005 to create more partitions to divide the 1.5TB HD being used.

I will have to buy another sound card as every other machine I have has on-board sound chips. Or see if anyone I know has a spare sound card.

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