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Re: Single root filesystem evilness decreasing in 2010? (on workstations)

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Use LILO instead of grub(2), and stick the boot loader on the MBR.  The
/boot partition isn't absolutely necessary, but it provides a small amount
of additional safety and system compatibility from a boot perspective.

What exactly can I gain from LILO in this case? I was just about to really dive into GRUB2, so if I missed a war or something, I'd be happy to know more.

From what I understand, LILO is filesystem agnostic (busted, I'm not an old-timer), so a separate /boot would be greatly recommended, indeed. Currently, I see that as a limitation.

XFS was specifically designed for excellent performance on gigantic volumes.
 It won't break a sweat with a 1-2TB filesystem.  A 10TB filesystem is a
small snack for XFS; a 500TB filesystem would be lunch; a Petabyte
filesystem might be dinner.  Maximum individual file size is 8 Exabytes and
maximum filesystem size is 16 Exabytes.

Okay, I'll bite. I must admit I haven't considered it seriously before. There are tons of stuff to read about it, so I'll take my time.

Go with a single big XFS root filesystem and you'll never have to worry
about jockeying stuff around and resizing partitions.  You won't have to
worry about performance either.

That's quickly said but, thanks. :-)
I'll make up my mind.


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