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Re: Single root filesystem evilness decreasing in 2010? (on workstations)

thib put forth on 2/27/2010 8:18 PM:
> Hello,
> Usually I never ask myself whether I should organize my disks into
> separate filesystems or not.  I just think "how?" and I go with a cool
> layout without thinking back - LVM lets us correct them easily anyway. 
> I should even say that I believed a single root filesystem on a system
> was "a first sign" (you know what I mean ;-).


All of that talk and gyration over a workstation disk layout?  You never did
mention what the primary application usage is on this machine, which should
be a factor in how you set it up.  If you're an email warrior, what damn
difference does it make, and why bother with LVM on a workstation?  What
size is the new disk?

Here's a safe bet, even with grub(2):

swap	4GB		may never need it, but u have plenty of disk
/boot	100MB	ext2	safe call, even if grub(2) doesn't need a /boot
/	40GB	ext2/3	journal may eliminate mandatory check interval
/var	up2u	ext2	sequential write/read, journal unnecessary
/home	up2u	xfs	best performance for all file sizes and counts

*You may trust ext4 at this point, but I, and many others don't.  xfs beats
ext4 in every category, so why bother with ext4?

If you have a 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB disk, leave the freak'n bulk of
it unallocated until you actually need it.  This rule alone eliminates much
of the vacillation you are currently experiencing WRT "Omg what am I ever
going to do with all this disk?!"


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