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Re: Two Lenny problems

Excuse me, I did not complete the assignment last time, alsa-utils and cdtool are both installed. They are shown in Synaptic as being installed and, when I issued the dpkg-query command for them, they were identified just as was alsa-base. I didn't realize that separate commands were needed, so it looked like alsa-utils was not installed. No, there are no audio jacks on the system other than those on the sound adapter card. The card is connected to the front headphone jack by an internal cable, which is the only other audio jack on the system. The adapter card was with the system when I got it. I did not get this system new, but from a recycling service, so I don't know what was originally packaged with the system. FYI: there are four jacks on the card: mic/digital-out (blue), out 1 (green), out 2 (black), out 3 (yellow). I can remove the heat-sink of the unidentified chip, wipe off the conductive cream and see if it is a sound chip, if you so desire, although I have seen many systems come through the recycling service and not one had a sound chip with a heat-sink on it. Since the unit is identified in lspci as an 82801 family and that is the number of the chipset, it makes sense that it is integrated into the chipset, but I don't know for sure. I'll see if I can find out at the Intel site if the 82801 family integrates sound into the chipset. Yes, it does: Intel HD audio Technology and Intel AC97 Technology. So, why didn't setting all the "Devices" categories in the Sound Preferences dialog window to "CA0106" work? I tried that along with setting them all to Alsa, Autodetect, and ICH958. Hmmm. Now there is no ICH958 choice in the various device selections. What do you think? I also noted that there are four "CA0106" choices in Sound Events, Music and Movies, and Sound Playback, doe it matter which of the four is chosen?

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