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Re: Searching for small Bug Tracking System

Michelle Konzack schreef:
Am 2010-02-24 09:00:40, schrieb Celejar:
and I've never heard of the problems you claim.  Can you provide bug
reports?  Corroborating documentation?

For what?  Nobody is interested into!  And if you think, I use this crap
of Mozilla-Forum to post bugs, forget it.  Reporting bugs per web is the
last crap.  If you do not use your account, 6 month later  your  account
is closed.  NO THANKS!
Well, if you don't post certainly not, no. It is not my experience with firefox, so I'd like some additional info too (not that I don't believe you, but how's something going to change when you don;t tell about your problems? In previous posts you also claim that mysql is insecure. Sure when using myisam tables mysql is not acid compliant (is that important for a bug tracking system?) However, you can choose to use innodb and then it is. What other security problems do exist for mysql? This is quite important, as say half of the web sites use mysql as their database backend.


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